Apple Starts iPhone And iPad trade-in Program in China



A few days ago we talked about the possibility that Apple hurl a program that could buy the iPhone users to change these would buy an upgrade. This program was rumored that even may include terminals instead that were not iPhone. That is, Cupertino would initially willing to accept high-end Android phones and provide customers were decided by one of the newest iPhones a discount in return on buying the phone.

For now, the possibility of delivering an Android in this trade-in program does not seem formalized in reality, but apparently the iPhone Renewal plan is a reality in China. And what we learned, its operation would make the factory Apple, Foxconn, where most of the components are manufactured and iPhone are mounted, would be responsible for repairing those phones that users deliver to get the discount and change the current model, and then pass to resell.

All this renewal program iPhones, at least in China, where it is already a reality according to leaks, as contemplated Cupertino company remains as a little aside, ceding the spotlight in this case the manufacturer Foxconn. We imagine that has to do with the amount of resources to be made available in part to store, sort and then resell the phones. The apple has decided that better engage in what they have always fared better, and yield the possibility of third parties Renewal at the same time allow its guests options that are common in other companies, which have reported the benefits to When making customers remain loyal or decide to change mobile operating system.

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