AppSync Unified For iOS 10 / 10.2 Jailbreak Is In The Works


Appsync Unified

One of the important tweak for jailbroken iOS machine is being author AppSync Unified further development to be compatible with iOS 10. The weak author Karen (@angelXwind) officially confirmed on his twitter today AppSync Unified is the works to fix bugs in iOS 10 .


If you do not already know about AppSync Unified then this is a tweak allows to install  tnon-signed apps installed to jailbroken iOS devices, this installation package is not official yet, but thanks to its Unified AppSync tweak has been installed normally placed on the iPhone. The Unified AppSync faulty currently for iOS 10, if you installed fail bootloop.

We will inform you as soon as AppSync Unified for iOS 10 is official updated.

(source: @angelXwind [Twitter])

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