The Archive Team website has, in an attempt to open all files from Mac and MobileMe to store, 272 terabytes of data collected. These are eventually released, so you still with all web pages, photo gallery and iDisk folders you have shared with the world can. The cloud service closes on 30 June, doors.


The storage of all public data on MobileMe began in late 2011. Archive Team is just in time to collect the data: MobileMe is closing its doors this weekend al The public service contained 272 terabytes of data stored by approximately 380,000 users.

This is not the first time a web service that Archive Team just before this will be taken offline try to save: rather, the team is still the same for Geocities, now all files which you can download from a torrent. Then it came to "only" 641 GB of data. How the files from MobileMe exactly made available is not yet clear.

Are your MobileMe user and you switch before June 30 not to icloud, then your email address be removed. You can make the step to icloud in the MobileMe website . Only your iDisk, Gallery and published websites are hereby not transfer. Does your iDevice no icloud, you can still use email.


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