Actor Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs would be chosen to play in a new film about the life of the Apple founder. An independent film company wants to show how Jobs evolved from hippie to entrepreneur. The information comes from Variety, a well known American entertainment magazine.

The timing of the announcement is a bit unfortunate (April 1), but Variety editor Jeff Sneider 
stressed repeatedly that it is no joke. It is April 1 (1976) established, so a better date for the announcement was almost unthinkable. The movie called 'Jobs' will be directed by Joshua Michael Stern and covers a considerable period: the creation of Apple and Jobs from the moment the company is put to his return. Later years were not discussed.
Ashton Kutcher might be a good choice: not only does the author in appearance to the young Steve Jobs, he is also very interested in technology.

 So he invested recently in the Dutch company Gidsy. He is involved in a range of other technology companies and is an active presence on Twitter. The project, according to The Hollywood Reporter launched in May in the period that Kutcher Fri from his current movie, "Two and a Half Men '.

 Besides this independently produced film would also be a film by Sony Pictures in the making, based on the biography of Walter Isaacson, who also presented his book in AmsterdamThe cards are now sold out, but iphone club will be present to see if Isaacson still brings out new information. The script of the Sony film will probably be written by Aaron Sorkin, who earlier the script for The Social Network wrote. What the authors are concerned is spoken about George Clooney and Noah Wyle, who plays Steve Jobs could play.Noah Wyle is perhaps an unknown name, but he has a "Jobs-past ': he played Steve Jobs in 1999 already in the movie" Pira
tes of Silicon Valley'.


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