AsphaleiaAsphaleia is a new tweak created to flexibly configure the security settings of the operating system iOS 7. Use it to further protect the applications, settings and various functions of the operating system . Are you using Touch ID on iPhone 5s or plain password access , the use of new items is absolutely safe .

Asphaleia developed a3tweaks – creator of some popular jailbreak development – as a response to the program BioProtect, BioLockdown and AppLocker, using your scanner fingerprint iPhone 5s. Unlike them , Asphaleia works with all devices running iOS 7 , not even equipped with a fingerprint module.

Asphaleia allows you to limit access to individual applications on your smartphone or tablet , the screen Spotlight, multitasking panel , the control point , to prohibit the movement of icons on your desktop , and even off the mobile device. This can be used for regular alphanumeric password or fingerprint scanner.

AsphaleiaIn a separate section of the application , you can flexibly configure work Asphaleia. For example, the tweak allows you to use the deferred locking ( from 10 seconds to 30 minutes) , open the program to unlock out of them and hide screenshots of applications in multi-tasking panel . Dynamic blocking function allows you to quickly add or delete certain tasks , as well as system functions from the list of protected . To do this, use one of the gestures Activator.

To download Asphaleia need jailbreak and access to the store Cydia . Jailbreak can be performed using Evasi0n7.

Asphaleia can download in Cydia. For a limited time price halved tweak , download news is available for $1.99.

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