AsplhaltGameloft and Twitch stated that the renovation Asphalt 8 : Airborne the game will be streaming functionality Twitch. Supports chat racing simulator will allow players to perform streaming images from the cameras the iPhone and iPad.

In Asphalt 8 is about 50 powerful cars and eight locations with enhanced bonus track in Monaco. Developers are invited to ride on motorways Iceland and Nevada, the streets of London and Tokyo , but gamers will have to take into account the peculiarities of driving on wet asphalt and icy roads. Realistic weather effects ( rain, snow , dust) , a set of alternative routes , ski jumping , performing tricks and the ability to destroy objects in the way of a sports car – it’s all available in the new game series.

The first test of their new opportunities mobile platform users will be able to iOS. Here is all the same as that of the “big brothers ” : broadcasting images from the iPhone and iPad, capture sound from the microphone and the face image with the front camera . Not to take advantage of users and the ability to subsequently save translations to archive or share them with friends.

Unfortunately, for many owners of Apple- devices full potential of the new ” features ” not yet revealed : all its advantages will benefit only the owners of iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini display Retina, under which currently optimized application. Twitch- broadcast Asphalt 8 : Airborne on the above will be possible with the release of a new version of the game .

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