Assistant: the new iPhone 5 feature


9to5Mac had hit the jackpot there’s little through saying that the iPhone 5 Apple would contain a brand new function referred to as softly Assistant in iOS 5 . Assistant  shouldn’t be unknown for many who have used an iPhone 3G or iPhone four. That is the voice keep an eye on, in significantly better. Certainly, the present model finds some difficulties in finishing up more than a few movements required.

IOS-5-Assistant (1)

 In addition, they are limited. Apple understands the demands of its users and will opt for a new system.It is based on the services provided by Nuance, and Siri, two companies expert in the field.

Wizard appears so simple. Anywhere on your iPhone – even on the lockscreen – hold the HOME button and almost instantly (thanks to Apple A5 processor and RAM), Assistantarrived. The bar will rise to allow multitasking operating function. A purple glow will appear, informing you that your iPhone is ready to listen 5 the action you wish to make. And then, surprise. You can clearly identify concrete action and not less. You can if you feel like saying "Open Safari and go to  any web address." The phone will understand your request and will run it.

 Of course, Wizard is not limited to Safari. Another example, you can request to schedule an appointment with JBeylovesyou October 4, 2011 at 19h. As for Safari, the iPhone will be noted on the schedule the appointment with the person itself, as well as information on the location and time. Finally, one last example, the Maps application will open and show you the location on the map.


Model form video

 Apple will reveal  Assistant  with the iPhone 5  October 4 next to Keynote "Let's talk iPhone" by Tim Cook and his team.


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