Asus Transformer Prime Upgrade Live


The perfect pill of 2011, the Asus Transformer Top, has been upgraded to the most recent model of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. The improve has arrived three days past than mentioned, for sure a rarity within the know-how world.


The new OS seems to suit the powerful quad-core tablet well, with those that have tested the new update reporting that the crisp Roboto font and clean lines of the new version look great on the tablet’s 10.1” screen. The swipe-to-close gesture was pointed out by Engadget as being particularly well suited for tablet operations, and a big improvement over hitting the ‘x’ required previously.


Elsewhere, Dilin Anand of Anandtech has reported that SunSpider performance in Ice Cream Sandwich is worse than its was with Honeycomb, a rather surprising result given the stellar scores that the relatively slower Samsung Galaxy Nexus has produced under the new operating system. Previously, scores below 1700 ms were obtainable, but now it seems the system is operating at around 2200 ms. Hopefully this problem, if widespread, will be fixed soon. Anand’s other impressions of ICS on the Transformer Prime are favourable.

The Verge posted a video of the update in action, and it does seem like all of the Ice Cream Sandwich goodness has made it to the tablet in good shape – now the Asus Transformer Prime is an even more attractive proposition. Proper respect to Asus and Google for coming up with the update so quickly.

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