AT&T 4G LTE network expands before the new iPhone 5 release


Only a couple days earlier than Apple media adventure to unveiled its subsequent technology smartphone, AT&T expands the 4G LTE network  coverage in surrounding areas. 43 more markets are coming by the end of the year.

According to AppleInsider, nine cities are being covered including Anchorage, Alaska, Bakersfield, Calif, Bridgeport, Conn, Jacksonville, Fla, Modesto, Calif., North Montgomery County, Md, Northern New Jersey, Omaha, Neb, Syracuse, N.Y.

The coverage comes ahead of Apple September 12 event in which a new iPhone that features a faster LTE network is expected. 

 Although AT&T claims to have a biggest 4G Lte network coverage area of 275 million of AT&T subscribers with 4G HSPA+ network. AT&T’s 4G LTE network with up to 10 times faster than on the 3G network, this might be a bad timing according to Seitz for the fact that 9 million of  people might be switching to Verizon, which holds LTE POPs than any other carriers

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