AT&T getting Prepared for the iPhone 5 Launch in September


Boy Genius Document says that  AT&T has begun to prepare for the launch of the iPhone 5. AT&T employees within the company and retail stores information about a special training they "as soon as possible" to complete in preparation for a projected influx of customers in September, according to the website. It would be preparing to sell the iPhone in May in the first half of September.


Apple recently announced that for the period mid-August to late October in search of additional staff for Apple Stores Last weekend proven that Apple hired additional staff. Which must be between mid-August and mid-September availability. Boy Genius Report that Apple expects the iPhone will introduce five late August, early September before the device on the market. It is unclear whether the iPhone 5 will be available immediately worldwide.

Another indicator that gives the chip in his ear hiring. Indeed, it was reported recently that Apple plans to hire new employees during the same period to be ready for the arrival "of a new product." The iPhone is no longer than 5 weeks of us. The announcement of the next phone will most likely by the end of August.

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