We shared a commercial of Verizon iPhone which takes on AT&T’s network problems. However, we did mention an upside of sticking to AT&T, which was 3G data and voice at the same time.


 Apple controls the communication on the iPhone in France, merely masks the realities behind the end of the exclusivity of AT & T. A survey by USAMP shows that 54% of users of smartphones RIM (BlackBerry) or Android, Verizon is ready to move to the iPhone (25% "very likely" 29% "definitely").Worse, 26% of users of AT & T surveyed consider the possibility of changing phone operator and then to switch to Verizon.

Those who want to quote from the advantages found in ads for Verizon (call quality, network coverage), while those left waving the same scarf that advertisements for AT & T (cost of the transition rates of DATA network of AT & T). The end of the exclusive distribution of the iPhone in the United States will not only cause a new battle between the two main operators, but is also crucial for Apple with the bulk of the growth is now outside the U.S. United, even though Verizon put until then focus on the Android smartphones.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M5u6ES7BBo&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&version=3]


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