AT&T retail stores will soon start offering refurbished Apple iPhone 3GS models to GoPhone prepaid customers, according to a report from MacRumors tipster. The Apple iPhone 3GS devices will be sold full retail price to the customers that don’t qualify for a subsidized cell phone contract.

The report claims the Apple iPhone 3GS will not be promoted or displayed publicly, but sales representatives will be able to offer these devices to certain customers.

The Apple iPhone 3GS was firstly released in the year 2009. AT&T sells the refurbished iPhone 4 devices for $325, so the iPhone 3GS device would most probably be offered for well under $300 price range. Also, it doesn’t seem like all AT&T stores will have them.

Apple discontinued the iPhone 3GS model last September when the Apple iPhone 5 was introduced in the market. The lack of support for Apple’s latest iOS is a concern, but the cost-conscious customers that would consider the Apple iPhone 3GS could ignore that iOS issue.

The iPhone  3GS was discontinued last fall season , and will not support iOS 7 firmware  , also Apple is expected to release a cheap budget iPhone subsequent month for across the $300 or $four hundred value vary.



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