Auki 1.2 update brings dark mode and new gestures



Auki, the unofficial Apple messenger app update is available in Cydia. The utility allows you to quickly respond to incoming messages, and create SMS / iMessage  in one click .

Auki can be used to recruit new SMS or reply to messages. Reply by Touching on the banner , and then a small window to write your message will appear where you can easily select the person from the address book by typing the first letters of its name.


The update 1.2 brought some useful features such as Dark mode ” which is designed to work in the evening , represented as a switch in the settings tweak and sub-menu to activate the schedule. Relevant section of the settings is called Dark Mode, and toggle – Scheduled.

Another innovation Auki 1.2 – the ability to mark the message ” Read .” By default , the adopted SMS signals over icon badge iMessage. New gesture – short hold on the button Cancel – allows you to mark the incoming message as read. After this badge will disappear from the home screen . The same technique , but with the button in the Replay response enables messages to initiate the mandrel is forced through SMS.


Finally, another feature of the updated Auki tweak is a new icon in the control room . With its help, you can bring up the window to write a message. Auki tweak available in Cydia BiBoss repo  for $3.99.

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