Complex alphabetic passwords significantly worse selection than digital . Ideally, the most effective are alphanumeric codes that are supported in iOS 7. At the same password input of digits is implemented in the ” Apple” of the system is very convenient – just after dialing the correct combination on the virtual keyboard lock screen closes automatically , giving the user access to the mobile device . In the case of alphabetic passwords have one unpleasant nuance – after entering the secret combination sure to click “Finish” . It is not very comfortable with constant use. As always, the developers of the jailbreak community offer a solution to the problem.

AutoOK7 – a simple jailbreak tweak that eliminates the need to press the “Finish” button after each entry complex password in iOS 7. As in the case of a digital system will automatically switch to the desktop by entering the correct code word.

Immediately after loading AutoOK7 need to go to tweak the settings and enter your password . It is necessary to know the utility code and checking its correctness as you type. In addition to lines for installation codeword settings AutoOK7 there is a switch application.

After setting AutoOK7 ( assumes that you use a strong password ) everything you need – is to enter the code . In the case of the faithful will enter the home screen iOS 7 , as it happens when the correct numeric password . If you make a mistake – tweak exits prompted to enter the confirmation code “Finish” button . Download the app for free from Cydia  BigBoss Repository.

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