Most music players , smart phones including Apple, automatically put music or videos on pause when disconnecting headphones . This not only allows you to record the time at which you have finished listening / viewing , but also saves battery power . New tweak created for users’ site Reddit, doing the same thing, but for the volume buttons iPhone.

AutoPause freeware. The only thing that makes the add – automatically pauses playing music or video on the pause , if the volume of iOS- devices is reduced to the minimum level . If the sound is added again – the melody begins to play from the same place . Pretty obvious function , which however is not available on the iPhone and iPad ” out of the box .”

AutoPause works only for the volume buttons , the iPhone are on the left side . If you reduce the sound level using the slider – stops playback .

Upload AutoPause by completing the jailbreak and have access to Application Catalog Cydia. To jailbreak for iOS 7 , just download the latest version Evasi0n 7. Guide to working with the program is on the site MacDigger for Windows and Mac OS X.

Tweek AutoPause free and is the repository BigBoss. Novelty can download on devices running iOS 7.

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