AutoSHSH RC2: Backup certificates ECID for firmware three.1.three and three.2


iH8sn0w simply make on hand a brand new model of its tool for Windows that lets you grab your ECID certificates. This model RC2 AutoSHSH, saves the ECID with firmware 3.1.3 and 3.2 (iPad).



Note first that the certificate ECID is indispensable to downgrade your iPhone 3G. Each time it restores the firmware, iTunes checks the certificate on the server and if Apple finds a Correspodance then you can install the older version of the OS.

To save the ECID there are different methods, but the quickest way is to save it directly on servers Saurik. If you want security still save on your computer while the utility AutoSHSH is for you! You can download it here



Once you open the program, you will be asked to plug the iPhone into Recovery mode: Connect the device to your computer and hold down the Home button and Power without ever leaving until the iTunes logo with USB cable appear screen.



At this point we’re really starting the application. Press the big button Grab My ECID. Within seconds, the serial number will be identified and sent to Apple to get the certificate ECID.



Finally, the program asked to save the final certificate on the computer and you will be able to perform the downgrade.

This version RC2 AutoSHSH has been conducted with the help of Semaphore and Umbrella, which helped to safeguard the ECID on servers Saurik!

Warning: the backup procedure of the certificate must be executed every time Apple updates the firmware.

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