The wait has been long but one of the best known and most downloaded Cydia tweaks finally supports iOS 9. It is nothing more and nothing less than Auxo 3 Qusic developed and designed by Sentry. This tweak known replaces the official iOS multitasking 9 for a new in which gestures are the basic element for switching applications, multitasking or launch applications even close. The tweak is available for download from Cydia.

Since its creation has been a tweak Auxo that many users alone justify the fact jailbreak. IOS updates have been adding new features, some of which have been inspired delas precisely Auxo have not yet achieved that Auxo has fallen into disuse. To close applications with a single gesture or switch applications quickly functions remain many users seem essential in order to not give much use our precious home button. Although this new version includes no apparent news, according to its developers yes there are many changes that have improved their performance, with much smoother and better battery performance animation, one of the aspects that are most critical especially in early versions.

Auxo-iOS-9For those who do not know Auxo 3 offers three options that iOS has nine default:

  • Multi-Center: multitasking can deploy a swipe gesture upward from the center of the bottom edge of the screen. The Control Center with playback control buttons to activate the WiFi and Bluetooth will appear as another page that multitasking. You can also close all applications up sliding springboard page.
  • Quick-Switcher: a way to quickly change application. Slides from the lower left edge upwards and hold scroll through the various applications that are open for quick access to whatever you want.
  • Hot-Corners: sliding up from the bottom corners of the screen can quickly access the springboard or traditional multitasking.

Auxo 3 is an update that is priced at $ 0.99 for those who already have the previous version or $2.99 for those who do not have and it is available from Cydia Big Boss Repo.

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