Following the announcement Microsoft plan to purchase Skype for $8.5 billion, many critical questions and have blended over the net. Many have found this particular negative action on the part of the Redmond company for the future of the VoIP application. Some even suggest the idea of "abandoning" the software. They do not seem to place great trust in Microsoft development.The haters are in fact for most everyday users of Apple products with the Mac, iPhone and iPad.


 But if one believes Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft since 2000, support for non-Microsoft machines will always be assured.

I said and I think "according to Ballmer. Any current platform with Skype will have its updates in the future. It must be said that the list contains a lot of direct competitors, Apple (Mac, IOS), Linux, Google (Android), RIM (BlackBerry) and Nokia (Symbian). Ballmer also recalled that Mac users can trust that Microsoft is not his first development on the operating system from Apple. See here a reference to the logistic "Office for Mac" including including Word and Excel.

[via MacWorld]

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