Baseband 6.15 Downgrade To Be Launched Sunday


Musclenerd tweeted about the downgrade possiblity of the baseband 6.15 to be released Sunday. It's a good news for users who own the iPhone 3G/3GS. Recall that the problem with this version of the modem is in the fact that the iPhone does not work full GPS
 (navigation towers only cellular operator  gave a large error to determine the location), and on some machines there are problems with the network.

And now another news, which I think will appreciate even more the owners of these iDevaysov models - can downgrade 06.15.00 to a lower baseband to unlock
! On Sunday the jailbreak tool Redsn0w could be updated the iPad BB downgrade for a permanent unlock for iPhone 3G/3GS, and bring back the GPS functionality. However, as is evident from the message, there is a possibility of delay release of the application. But do know that it will be a new version of Redsnow, which is a separate button for the downgrade procedure.


A sigh of relief for Unlock iPhone 3G users who were able to make calls with the iPad baseband while, but had reported problems with GPS. After the downgrade iPhone 3G users should unlockbare by the Ultrasn0w Baseband 05:13:04 (original iPhone 3G Baseband) on your device find. An unlock is then very simple to Jailbreak iPhone with Ultrasn0w possible.

But beware: even applies here again – update to new versions of iOS MUST continue to be made with a custom firmware WITHOUT Baseband Update! We look forward to the positive development of late though!

We can only wait and closely monitor the hacker's messages on Twitter. As soon as new information – we will immediately let you know about it. Stay with us!


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