Batman: Arkham Origins on hand in App Retailer



Warner Bros. Interactive has released a mobile version of the action adventure Batman : Arkham Chronicle . The game, developed by studio NetherRealm, available on mobile platforms iOS and Android.

In Batman: Arkham Annals of the players will go to a gloomy Gotham , but this time they happen to take part in the events leading up to Batman: Arkham clinic and Batman: Arkham – Citi . The game takes place several years before the infamous mutiny . Batman is just starting his career a secret crime- fighter , he is young and inexperienced , and it will only become the Dark Knight , whom we know.


” Prove that deserve the title of the Dark Knight of Gotham , beating a series of deadly assassins and their assistants. Introducing the free version of blockbuster “Batman : Arkham Chronicle ” for mobile devices. Go with the battle for Gotham’s most dangerous places . Earn game currency and improve the ability of the Batman suit and turning it into the most formidable fighter against crime in the world and simultaneously unlocking a wide wardrobe of costumes . “

Batman: Arkham Chronicle covered by the shareware model. During the passage of action games with gamers have the opportunity to improve the combat skills , as well as open up new and unique costumes through the in-game currency. Owners game consoles can connect to a mobile version of the game console and get a new unique content .


Events are developing action games on Christmas Eve , when Batman finds out that for the reward on his head , and all the villains of Gotham City have started to hunt for him . The game is available for download on devices running iOS 5.0 or higher.

The official trailer for Batman: Arkham Chronicle :

Download Batman: Arkham Chronicles for iPhone and iPad [App Store]

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