BatteryStatusBarBatteryStatusBar  is a new add-in tweak that allows to install iOS 7 new battery level indicator . The program is distributed through informal application store Cydia.

BatteryStatusBar – a very simple solution , which provides a unique opportunity for customization interface iOS 7. As well as other “unofficial” decorations for smartphones and tablets , BatteryStatusBar only installed on jailbroken devices . The main difference from similar developments is that it changes the interface elements iOS 7 without installing WinterBoard. Last additionally load the operating system and can cause irreversible changes in the interface .

BatteryStatusBar represents the battery level in the form of a visual band in the status bar iOS 7. Its color and thickness adjustable settings tweak . By default , the indicator is green when the battery is above 65 % , orange, if the level of 30% to 65% and red when the battery is discharged more than a third .

After downloading BatteryStatusBar should go to the settings iOS 7 and go to a special section of the application. In the same menu item you want to activate the indicator and specify additional parameters – thickness of the line , its location and color. In the end there will click Apply Changes, the changes to take effect.

Upload BatteryStatusBar is found in Cydia BigBoss repository for $0.99 .

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