Google launched the Chrome browser for iOS in the App Store yesterday, which was welcome by all fans. Chrome for iOS is fast, clear, useful and substantially similar to the deskop version. The only difference is lies in the lower part of the screen. The new Google Chrome browser for iOS devices is free to be downloaded from the App Store. Google Chrome is known to be a very fast internet browser on the desktop, but according to the external internet browsers guidelines, Apple may use the UIWebView API which is not the fast Nitro JavaScript.

Chrome iPhone

Safari uses a JavaScript engine called Nitro, which exploits the compilation JIT (Just-In-Time) to run the scripts and then increase the speed of loading pages. Well, Apple prevents alternative browsers and web applications using third-party Nitro. Knowing that Google Chrome does not have full access to the Nitro JavaScript engine, I am not sure whether it is worth to have the Chrome installed on your iPhonesm since Several reports have already pointed out that Google Chrome for iOS is much slower than Safari, because of the lack of the Nitro JavaScript engine.

Despite of the presence of cloud features in chrome tabs and and bookmarks synchronization with the desktop version of the browser, Companies like Microsoft, Google, Adobe and others, are not privileged with respect to individual developers, which in fact is inhibited write its own browser, but are available to control UIWebView that faithfully reproduces safari.
Moreover, among the Guideline Review Apple is clearly written that you can not make APP and 'replace' the App system of IOS, such as just the browser, the service management of SMS etc… 

Google Chrome is nothing but a new Safari interface, as it is forced to use an old version of Nitro, called UIWebView to render web pages. Apple would have imposed this constraint to ensure greater security in the theory of the operating system.


Download Chrome for iOS and evaluate its ability.

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