BBC iPlayer app reaches the 4th generation Apple TV



As the BBC announced earlier this year, he has finished publishing its official application called iPlayer for Apple TV. The application uses the standard interface TVOS, much like the one shown to sail around the films offered by iTunes and other applications of television programs. The BBC iPlayer application is free, however, it requires us to have a subscription to your channel, so far only available for users of satellite TV service in the UK. It may be only a matter of time that the system will expand worldwide.

The application includes the complete catalog of BBC iPlayer, and the live broadcast of BBC programming, BB, 2 BBC 3, BBC 4 and the other channels of the company. In fact, the BBC is well aware of its iPlayer service, to the extent that often includes exclusive content for your system by visiting online, especially when the cancellation of the digital terrestrial television service of the BBC in the UK start from February 2016, broadcasters are adapting quickly and well to changing times.

Of course, the application includes full integration with Siri voice search, which was currently limited only to the content of iTunes in the UK. The Apple TV continues to demonstrate its potential gradually, and the good thing is that developers and producers are very interested in the possibilities offered by this small device Apple comes loaded to the brim. The development of applications for the Apple TV is being adapted quickly and well, indicating more and more that the Apple TV will end up becoming the most popular media center in many homes, to the detriment of the alternatives that Android offers.[Via MacRumors]

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