The long awaited video calling BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) has arrived on iOS and Android. It is worth remembering that while this feature was available but for some strange reason remained until now the exclusive between BlackBerry 10 phones.

Blackberry has always focused on the business world, but after the launch of its messaging application, many were users bet on these devices to communicate without using SMS which expanded the number of customers of the manufacturer. When sales of Blackberry started to decline due to the rise of smartphones both Apple and Android-based Canadian company was forced to launch its messaging application BBM to other platforms in 2013, to maintain interest on the platform, though again it was late and joined the BBM lot of existing messaging applications on the market that have not finished off.

Currently on the market are several applications that allow us to make video calls Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger … Oddly enough, there are still people, very little really, who today still uses a Blackberry, especially at work. If any of your friends with the Blackberry suffers daily and want to contact him via a video call you can already do. Blackberry just updated BBM app for iOS and Android to make calls between all users of the messaging application.

This messaging application that does not require any subscription service or payment, the moment is only available in the United States and Canada, where the company still has a large following. So far the operation of video calling is in beta but it works almost without problems. As of June, the Canadian company will launch this service to everyone.


Currently Blackberry is selling a single device based on Android market based on the Priv model, but being a high-end terminal, few have been users who are interested in it, including companies, despite offering its own ecosystem applications that offer us the security we can not find on Android. Throughout this year, the company plans to launch two new mid-range devices to attract more users to its platform.

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