With Apple finalization of Beats Electronics for $3 billion, with $2.6 billion in cash ans $400 million in shares, both company will work together in order to improve the company music. Former Beats CEO, Ian Rogers will work with both team to enhance iTunes Radio streaming experience and will obviously report to Eddy Cue,Apple senior vice-president in charge of internet software services, according The Wall Street Journal.

Rogers, a former Yahoo executive, will run both teams to create cohesion in Apple’s streaming-music options, according to the people familiar with the matter. Pandora and Spotify, the two-biggest streaming music services, each offer both a free ad-supported service and a subscription-based service.

Last week , apple officially posted a message welcoming  Beats to the family.While Beats closed its online store, many employees temporarily transition to Apple until further notice. The transaction was completed just a day after Thursday is that Apple knew dispense 200 current employees of Beats, suggested 9to5Mac.

According to the media, Apple will eliminate charges “duplicates” in the departments of human resources, finance and support services that will affect approximately two hundred workers Beats, representing about 30% of its current workforce of 700 employees.

Futhermore,  Apple executives visited several earlier this week Beats headquarters in Culver City, California and some were told not to continue since now Beats is owned by Apple.

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