Belkin Lego iPhone Case: New Case for Lego fanatics [Video]



Introduced in 1949 in the Danish designer “Lego” has long ceased to be just a toy – it is a cultural phenomenon , covering design, fashion and art. It spawned an entire industry of various goods . For over 60 years, not only children but also adults enthusiastically collecting machines , robots, and the whole city from the universal “building blocks .”


If you are looking for a new case for your iPhone 5 , and sometimes do not make a couple of buildings away from the popular designer , then you might like the new creation of companies and Lego Belkin – Lego Case. The new case is a platform for “Lego” . It can be used to create any objects or art projects .


Duvet is manufactured from various kinds of top quality plastic – extra inflexible for the again of the iPhone and smooth to the facet faces . Contributors accent can create your personal compositions, to be able to enhance the Lego Case – nothing on this sophisticated.

“Belkin Lego Case is designed to offer protection to the iPhone 5 from injury whereas the connectors and audio system are totally open. Extent keep watch over, headphone connection and the charger shouldn’t be the issue , and your cellphone is in secure arms , “- says the producer .

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