Belkin sells first authorized Lightning Accessories


belkin_lightning_dockBelkin is the first company that Apple Authorized Lightning accessories offers. This means that you are using an iPhone Belkin 5-dock called Sync + Charge and Lightning cable for car purchase. Belkin says it plans to later this year even more Lightning accessories to bring out. Buyers from other countries still need to wait until they can get the accessories: at the moment, they are only available in the U.S. online store.

“Belkin was the first third-party manufacturer to develop accessories for the 30-pin connector back in 2003, and we are thrilled to be first to market again with solutions for the new Lightning connector,” said Martin Avila, general manager of Belkin’s core division. “People are eager for Lightning accessories and Belkin’s give them a reliable way to keep their new iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini or iPod touch charged, protected, and ready to go.”

The iPhone Accessories make it easier to keep your iPhone in the car for example to use to navigate. They are not immediately available: Americans they can pre-order, after which they are sent directly from 15 November. Belkin is also active in Europe, making it likely that the new accessories will be available.

It probably will not be long until other companies also will offer iPhone 5 accessories. In October that Apple was once nonetheless in talks with producers, in order that they instruments for the iPhone 5 to work might. The chips within the new Lightning cables can’t everybody simply make equipment. Chinese language producers say the that you can think of safety of the road, on the other hand, to had been hacked.

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