Benchmarks Confirmed Both iPhone SE And 9.7-Inch iPad Pro Have 2GB RAM



There are (at least) one thing that Apple has omitted whenever a device: How much RAM do you have? Not to vary in time when the company Apple introduced the iPhone SE talked about his A9 and co-processor M9 processor that allows you to use the “Hey, Siri” feature at all time, they spoke of the camera 12Mpx and 4K recording, spoke of Apple Pay, but not how much RAM has said. Now, thanks to the first benchmarks, we know.

IPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were the first apple smartphones (and tablets using iPad Air 2 from 2014) to include 2GB of RAM. We can not say that the iPhone 6 and earlier were wrong with its 1GB of RAM, but recognize that another giga is a breath of fresh air in iOS. As mentioned in other articles, it seems that Apple learned the lesson of the iPhone 5c and iPhone have decided to make a gentleman SE phone, so you have mounted the same 2GB of RAM with his older brothers.


But not all are good news. There are some points which shall not taste anything to some users, such as:

  • FaceTime 1.2Mpx with opening ƒ/2.4 camera. It’s not the end of the world, but we had not fallen front camera equivalent to what those specifications. It is not the same as the iPhone 5s, if not the camera mounted on the iPhone 5 in September 2012.
  • First generationTouch ID. This really knew. In the Apple website dedicated to iPhone SE not mention anything about the second generation could only mean that it was not the same Touch ID using the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The second generation is faster while safer by detecting more details in the texture of our fingertips.
  • No barometer. The barometer can come in handy to measure our sport, but will not be possible to make these measurements with the iPhone SE.

On the one hand, the iPhone like many users because of its size, for sharing with iPhone 6s specifications and price, but has also been criticized for the lack of 3D Touch and some other restrictions. But the iPhone is not the only one who suffered such cuts.


The presentation of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro also left everyone satisfied. The least happy were after seeing the Keynote were the owners of an iPad Pro 12.9 inch since his younger brother has a better camera (which even includes flash), better screen and so far we thought that everything else like the model more great, but we had not. As a user that arose update your iPad 4, today I received a jug of cold water to learn that the new iPad normal size will have 2GB of RAM, the same as the iPad Air 2 and half the iPad Pro larger.
In addition, the A9X processor 9.7-inch model is also limited. The 12.9-inch model runs at a clock speed of 2.24GHz, 2.16GHz something more than that the normal size model works. This limitation is not a catastrophe, since a smaller screen needs less power to operate the same and running slower also consume less battery, but half of RAM that’s a stone in the shoe, a stone which in my opinion is large and pointed.

Apple also forgetting that when users buy a tablet, we hope that it lasts several years. If we decide to buy the 9.7-inch iPad Pro for the money they ask us, we will think will work well for many years.

Because the problem of RAM is not an issue of this. iOS 7 worked perfectly on the iPhone 5s and iOS 6 worked perfectly on an iPad 2, but what happened three years later? Okay, we can not say it’s impossible to use the devices, but we can say categorically that have lost their excellence over the years and the arrival of new work, as the total encryption system that arrived in iOS 8. iPad 9.7 inch Pro will suffer the same problem in about 3 years.


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