A record via Shopper Intelligence Analysis Companions (CIRP) presentations that about 13 % of U.S. iPhones that are purchased in a retail store like Best Buy compared to fifteen percent of the iPhones sold by Apple stores. Most phones are sold via a network, totaling some 69 percent.


Apple Stores and the Apple Web site are tremendously productive, but they are limited by their relatively small retail footprint. There are four times as many Best Buy stores, and probably 20 times as many AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint stores, so aggressive distribution through all these channels is critical to Apple’s U.S. strategy.


CIRP consumers interviewed for her research in the period December 2011 through February have purchased an iPhone. This showed that 74 percent an iPhone in a physical store bought, the rest did so online. When the iPhone 4S first became available in the United States bought 67 percent its phones in a shop, 33 percent did so online. Especially pre-orders were then popular.

U.S. sales of the iPhone shows that people  that  goes to providers are going to have a phone to buy.   Although Best Buy almost as many iPhones as Apple knows how to sell.


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