Best Cyber Monday Deals 2015



if you missed any offers for Black Friday, you can still shop with the Cyber ​​Monday deals. Originally the Black Friday was a day that became cheaper establishments to get more sales items, the following Monday something happened, but in the virtual world, Internet and Cyber ​​Monday celebrated the online stores put discounts everywhere, sometimes even higher than those of Black Friday, to get rid of all remaining products from the previous season and get a good sales on the web.

Black Friday was even taken by the electronic trades, you could say that these are more successful than even the normal facilities, this results in a non-stop deals in which we find even a week for best prices for network in these articles we both were needed or not.

But consumerism is fashionable and spending money is good (if not absent) to revive the economy, do I have ready a gift guide, a guide that can be used to take advantage of these deals of Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and even when they do not exist, a guide with which you can get the perfect gift for that person “rare” in the family that you not know what to get for that father who loves to tinker with gadgets and buy new, and why not? Also for that child who spends all day hooked to the computer.

Divide it into several sections, it is clear that this is a blog about the iPhone and Apple, however there will be products that have an indirect relationship with Apple or not they do, because let’s face it, not everyone likes Apple is not it?

Of course and to begin our favorite people, those who are here every other day also following the latest news about your favorite brand, the best gifts for fans of Apple:


LUNATIK – If the to wear Apple Watch or iPhone, you may lose your precious device in one of its outputs, it is best you to give adequate protection, Lunatik knows melt the design and maximum protection in the form of covers for iPhone, for Apple Watch and even iPad.

The web is celebrating with discounts up to 70%, a discount that can expand 10% more using the code JUMPONIT, a total of 80% off their entire catalog.


PowerBank – Xiaomi PowerBank 20.000mAh – The best portable battery market, Xiaomi has recently launched its most aggressive battery with monstrous 20.000mAh they can charge an iPhone to 7 times before needing recharging again, by the way, it will take time thanks to its fast charging system. It has two USB ports for charging 2 devices at the same time and one OTG to load itself, has protection systems to prevent overloading and other processes that can damage your battery or your iPhone, the battery is good value for money From the market.

51YuAy69tJLCharging station – Charging iPhone / Apple Watch Station – If the person has an iPhone and Apple Watch, surely what is most bothersome to load these two devices simultaneously, so it can present him with a charging station like this, which will allow Apple Watch and charge the iPhone at the same time and have a neat and elegant desktop.

71KelraYu+L._SL1500_Apple Watch – Apple Watch bands – Surely ye have seen how expensive Apple Watch bands, the cheapest (the plastic of the Sport series) comes to $49 reaching  $479 for stainless steel, but … No cheaper bands? Yes, there are, on Amazon, all belts Apple (obviously are not official) for prices from $30 to $80 more expensive, all for Apple Watch 42mm.


Philips Hue – With the rise of the internet of things, who would not be thrilled to be able to control your home from the palm of your hand? Philips Hue Starter Pack is the perfect place for lovers of technology gift, can illuminate areas of your home to your taste, of any color, light control with voice and even set alarms or landscapes, endless possibilities with only three bulbs and your iPhone or iPad.


AppleTV 4 – Finally, the perfect gift, if the person to whom the gift is intended not even the new Apple TV, will receive gift this Christmas star without a doubt, the After not It is so expensive considering the hours of entertainment it can provide thanks to movies, video games, music and other entertainment accessible from this fantastic equipment. Target has the 4th-generation 32GB: $127.49.

ipod-touch-6giPod Touch 6G – If you want to give away an Apple device to your son / herself loved but an iPhone is out of budget, now the iPod Touch 6G is one of the best Apple devices, with full power of the chip A8 achieves better results performance 6 and the iPhone is not even a third of its price, what disadvantages have then? Neither called nor have 3G connection, otherwise it is a device with Wi-Fi to keep in mind and castrate run any game in the AppStore without breaking a sweat (and incidentally make some amazing photos with your iSight 8Mpx camera) . Recommended minimum buy 32GB version.

iPhone 6s– If your gift is big, nothing like a new iPhone to surprise that person, such offers are the perfect opportunity to take the new model of the company at a slightly discounted price (not iPhone prices down throughout the year), in Worten you can find good discounts on all iPhone on sale, I recommend just one thing, do not buy an iPhone less than 16GB and either an iPhone prior to 5c generation.

With 8 GB iPhone is useless, the space will be filled with 4 pictures (and they are not real but 8GB 6) and can extend not using an SD card.

And a previous iPhone to 5c as it would imply that out of the box would be an “obsolete” iPhone, although Apple has not declared obsolete, the iPhone 4s and earlier work very fair with iOS 8 and iOS 9, why buy a cheaper 16GB iPhone 5c, there are Android smartphones with more profitable and better performance. Alternatively you can buy the iPhone iPod Touch 6G above, a very capable device with a few years of life ahead.

Not all Apple this Christmas, the freaks are counting the days for the arrival of Star Wars in theaters, much science fiction looks for this holiday and many of us love to get one special gift for the holidays … both

Xiaomi Router Mini 2 – The Xiaomi router is cheaper than the internet will improve any home, end with connection issues that your children suffer in their games every time someone opens Youtube and allow everyone to enjoy the content family Internet provides.

Xiaomi Smart Router 2 – For the most demanding, the most advanced routers and most recommend (as I pick up the guide to understand the Wi-Fi in your home), to enjoy the maximum speed of your connection, all the advantages of the previous router, a shared in your home to store 1TB hard drive each interest files, backups, etc … and a manager for the router torrents download torrents own yourself, surely this Wi-Fi will put your home up to your Apple devices.


Drone BB-8 – The drone most successful harvest this Christmas, certainly his innocent looks and incredible stability will leave everyone with an open mouth, is available now for pre-purchase from the official website of Sphero, delivering estimated the December 23 (it is likely to suffer delays), at what time kings?

81Tyo6dvMnL._SL1500_Drones X-Wing and Falcon – Made by Air Hogs and licensed by Disney, are drones in flight put the most emblematic buildings of the republic, the dream of every fan of Star Wars and a perfect complement to accompany the release of his Fuel seventh entrega.

Geek Fuelsurprise boxes, fashionable too, the process is simple, you sign up, pay for the months you want to subscribe and start receiving boxes of different topics each month with unique objects inside of a higher value than you paid This December they all have agreed, subject matter seems to be the space, rather that Star Wars. Just remember to cancel your subscription once you’ve released, if not, it will renew each month or period you have acquired. If this is your first subscription you add an extra item of Star Wars to the cash worth $30 free.

Loot Crate – Another subscription-box, this is perhaps the most famous, send exclusive items each month following a theme, but go beyond, every month there is the possibility that you play a Mega Box worth more than $2,000 to be lots among all shoppers, or one of 10 boxes worth Mini Mega over $100 follows the same premise, if you walk by someone well can save a pinch using the code that appears on screen when making the purchase (must check the “Have a coupon code” option), the theme of this month’s GALAXY recalls unsubscribe and correctly enter your shirt size (or of who will receive).

As a special offer today you can also include CYBERMONDAY15 code and take home a $5 discount and a free one-month subscription to the LEVEL UP extension that includes clothes related to the topic of the month.

These are gifts that most recommend for Christmas, no doubt you will find the right product to the right person, now just enjoy the festivities, the more together better, and have fun, the holidays are for that ! After all that shopping these days your bank account surely need a break, so take it easy.

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