Being able to have an iPhone or an iPad Jailbroken provide a lot of advantages over the devices that are limited to installing applications through the official channels of Apple. Of course, the Jailbreak can also have its disadvantages and among these has appeared a new tweak that may block the iPhone. This tweak makes the NVRAM is invalid and as a result your device will be bricked.

The purpose of the proof of concept is to show what could happen if a person download this malicious package and these types of malicious packets are limited largely to repos third parties and that have to be added manually to Cydia, so the most jailbreak users can rest easy.

In the description,  this tweak has the potential to brick your device permanent, and please do not install it, which is a concept, a test … although several developers are working to patch it, say you can not change the NVRAM, because the tweak this only has 2 lines of code, replacing NVRAM and Reboot.

Although for hackers could be very useful, since they have access to any device, could sneak this tweak to the file system, but as I said, other developers are working to fix it, but in my opinion is something that Apple already had to be solved.

The developer known as articsnow has created a new tweak which is called Killios , in which the source code can be found at GitHub page and the developer has no bad intentions, but can be people with bad intention might give this tweak a different through any available repositories through Cydia. Those users who are installing the tweak Killios direct consequence suffer permanent lock the device with Jailbreak on which this is installed, regardless of whether it is an iPhone or iPad.

According to the statement made by the same developer of this tweak:

His intention is not to allow developers to create packages with malicious intent. Killios is a proof of concept which was designed to say “Hey, a tweak can do this.”

In fact, the intention of launching the Killios tweak it so that other developers can look at it and thus create a patch. Which are already doing and have created a quick solution to get prevent script kiddies can permanently block devices.

In any case, as noted above, the tweak of arcticsn0w (Killios) is a concept that has been developed with the aim to inform users malicious possibilities that can get to have the tweak and, above all, it is recommended be attentive to the growing list of unofficial or suspected repositories and only use trusted repositories.

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