BigBoss brings semi-tethered jailbreak for iOS 5


Whereas many are ready for an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 by the Chronic Dev Team has BigBoss already a semi-tethered jailbreak for iOS 5 made available. By SemiTether via Cydia to install it is also possible to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPhone with limited functionality for use after an unexpected reboot. 

For full functionality, you still have a tethered boat should carry. SemiTether is in beta stage and is tested on an iPhone 4.


What does the semi-tethered jailbreak for IOS in May?

If you are a semi-tethered reboot run you can call, SMS and use standard applications. You can post a semi-tethered reboot not use Cydia, jailbreak tweaks, the default mail application and Safari, but it remains possible for another email application or another browser to use the App Store. A semi-tethered reboot will take longer than you’re used to and may be associated with a number or rings . The full functionality, you can have a tethered boat run through the option Just boat in the section Extras of redsn0w . BigBoss expects SemiTether on future firmware releases a semi-tethered jailbreak can offer if an untethered jailbreak should wait.

How do I enter the semi-tethered jailbreak iOS 5 from?

  1. First do a jailbreak with redsnow iOS 5. Redsn0w is the jailbreak tool for iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, third and fourth generation iPod touch and iPhone . Only on the iPhone 3G with the old bootrom is the untethered jailbreak.
  2. Open Cydia and go to Manage followed by Sources . Choose top right to change followed by Add and fill in.
  3. Once the repository is added you can use Search now SemiTether find. Select it and choose Install and Confirm .
  4. If the installation is completed, it will SemiTether a tethered (or semi-tethered) reboot to run.


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