Bill Gates Praises Apple Pay


Bill Gates AMA Perceptive Pixel

Apple has always been a different look at familiar things. Areas that competitors have avoided long or simply did not notice, the company from Cupertino transformed into innovative solutions. Judge the success can be when your worst competitor candidly acknowledges your victory. Bloomberg spoke with Bill Gates and during the interview the journalist Eric Shatsker could not ask the opinion of Gates’s own payment system, Apple Pay.

Bill Gates is not the only person who “brought in people,” the software giant Microsoft, but and the man who for the 15th time was the richest in the world. In 2014, the state of Bill Gates is estimated at $ 76 billion. Whom, no matter how he understood the value of money, technology and mobile payments?

During the dialogue, the main theme of the meeting was the introduction of payment systems in the environment of the ubiquitous smartphone. Of course, do not talk about Apple Pay would be ignorance. A new financial instrument Apple said the former head of Microsoft’s very flattering:

” Apple Pay Payment System – a perfect example of how to use a mobile phone in a few seconds, you can make the payment services or purchase of goods in almost any store. I no longer need to carry a piece of plastic (credit card) and I can be calm, that any transaction will be completed successfully. It really is a significant contribution to the development of mobile payments “

On the subject of how soon such feature will be equipped with other mobile platforms, Gates replied that it was a matter of time.

“All that is required – a ready-made standard NFC. In the near future, and Google and Microsoft will give users the same functionality as Apple Pay. Apple does not need to worry, no competitors in the company will remain “

Apple Pay system is not a patented technology owned by only one company. Use of the NFC can and Google, and Microsoft, and other companies. [via Bloomberg]

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