Google may be the dominant search engine, but Bing is doing its best to push its way up the popularity charts. With so much attention focused on adding new stuff, you’ve got to wonder what the future has in store for search and whether this feature war is getting out of hand.

It’s nothing new to try and suck the life out of a competitor’s product by making a competing major announcement around the same time. Palm and Sprint tried to do that to Apple with the launch
of the Palm Pre. Not to mention that Google Wave launched on May 28, the same day that Bing made its debut. But lately, the battle between Google and Bing is getting to be like a tennis match that never ends, just a constant rally back and forth as each side tries to outmaneuver the other.

Look at Wednesday: Bing announces some interesting new features that integrate the computational power of Wolfram Alpha into its search results. As an added bonus, Bing gets limited Facebook integration and tweaks its weather results.

How does Google respond? An announcement about tweaked movie searches, and password protection for your Safe-search settings–Google’s filter for explicit content. Improved SafeSearch is worth talking about and likely a welcome improvement, but the Google Movies announcement looks like a desperate plea to prove that Google can be just as consumer oriented as Bing.

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