BioLaunch Smart Tweak for iPhone 5s let you launch apps from TouchID

BioLaunch Smart Tweak for iPhone 5s let you launch apps from TouchID

The new unofficial development of BioLaunch for iPhone 5s smartphones allows owners to use Touch ID module to launch apps, the author of this development is David McMillan .

BioLaunch borrows principle at work Touchy, but offers some of its functions. The utility adds settings iPhone 5s separate section with options to customize your favorite applications . Hence one can add programs to be opened when a particular scanning finger. Simple touch sensor Touch ID , you can run any application installed on your device .

BioLaunch works anywhere on the home screen iOS 7. Suffice it to “scan” one of the fingers and the iPhone will launch the program. Setting ” impression ” from standard operating system partition .

BioLaunch Smart Tweak

One of the special features BioLaunch, which boasts a developer, called Auto-Set App. When activated tweak in the process of working with the most popular iPhone determines the application and allows you to run it with the fingerprint scanner . Three other unique features – confirmation before opening the program using the pop-up window when scanning vibroopoveschenie and launch applications by double-tapping Touch ID.

BioLaunch works seamlessly with other tweaks , enable fingerprint reader , – Lockdown Pro, BioProtect, BioLockdown and VirtualHome.

BioLaunch can be found in Cydia BigBoss repo for $1

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