A question that many people might  have had about the new aluminum back of the iPhone 5 is whether the iPhone will be able to resist scratches and wear. A user has decided to find the answer to the question..  The user is logged in to an Apple Store and decided to scratch voluntarily the new iPhone with a pair of keys and carriage for the SIM.

As you can see in the photo, the scratches are clearly visible and, although this is an extreme act, may also appear in our iPhone, if it is  in contact with these objects.

The red circled area in the picture above is in fact created by the metal SIM card holder from the iPhone firmly on the surface. The aluminum back of the black iPhone by Apple is painted black, and it seems that the paint very easy release. With the white version, this problem should be very much less, because the aluminum is not colored. The yellow circled area is caused by a set of keys, and seems a lot more plausible with daily use. The edges between the front and rear were the iPhone 4S a lot wider, and caught many normal wear. We have to wait for real long-term tests, but the signs are bleak.

iFixYouri took a try and put a trap and durability test with the iPhone 5. The device survives the fall, but there is some fall damage. After a few times on the ground throwing eventually breaks the glass. The video shows that the iPhone 5 is more resistant to attack. But there is now another problem: scratches on the black iPhone 5.

The video can be quite shocking to people who have no iPhone 5 to secure.

The problem with scratches occurs in the aluminum back of the iPhone and appears to be a problem in the black iPhone 5, where the scratches more noticeable. The scratches are present on the back and on the edge of the display device. The rear glass and the silvery edge of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were much less sensitive to scratches and if they were present they were hardly. When the iPhone 5 is different: there are a few days after heavy use scratches visible in some people. Also comes the silver material appeared in places where the material is worn.
iFixit therefore conducted a scratch test, to see how strong the material scratch.


That the silver subject matter is seen factors to anodizing, whereby a floor remedy is carried out to the aluminum with an oxide layer.Anodizing is a floor therapy for metals reminiscent of aluminum and titanium to supply an oxide layer. That is achieved by the use of an electrolytic remedy. The photograph above used to be taken after any person with the SIM-tray on the housing of the iPhone rubbed. Whether or not the issue happens with all black iPhone 5’s happens is but to be confirmed.

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