To mark the BlackBerry Jam to be held subsequent week in Orlando, RIM will supply all contributors a BlackBerry10 smartphone construction. CrackBerry got pictures of this device which outlines the future … BlackBerry without a keyboard .


This smartphone should not be marketed, at least not in this form: this is a mule for developers using the first alpha release of the next OS from RIM, BlackBerry 10. However, it foreshadows what will be the “BlackBerry average” of 2013, a smartphone without a physical keyboard but with a big-screen keyboard – precisely the same format as the iPhone , which has the good old BlackBerry tackiness and precipitated the descent into hell RIM.


The “10 BlackBerry Device Developer Alpha” will be a development platform, before the device known by the codename of London takes over with the public at the end of the third quarterRIM BlackBerry should also propose a more traditional format with its next generation OS by the end of the year, but it does not seem to be the priority in terms of development.

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