Blackberry BeWeather widget is now available on iOS

Bellshare, specializing in software for the platform Blackberry, released BeWeather app for iOS users. BeWeather is an advanced weather widget with a pleasant interface and broad functionality .

BeWeather in a very attractive form provides detailed information about the weather conditions in a given region for the current day and the next week. Design of the program meets the design from Apple: simple, concise and intuitive. BeWeather is considered one of the best weather services for smartphones and tablets Blackberry.

Blackberry BeWeather widget is now available on iOS

Couples ” swipe ” in BeWeather enough to learn basic information : temperature , wind speed and direction , barometric pressure, humidity , current date and time , rainfall and more.

An interesting feature of BeWeather, in addition to detailed weather forecast, is the ability to use an animated background that dynamically displays the changes in climatic conditions in a given area . In addition, the program is open access to webcams and the nearest weather stations .

BeWeather Features:

  • Accurate prediction of climatic conditions for the period up to 7 days , and hourly forecasts .
  • Display information using animated effects with high resolution.
  • Accuracy of dynamic changes in climatic conditions is provided by stations located closest to the target area.
  • Weather map with animated radar ( only for residents of the United States , Canada and Europe ) .
  • Open access to webcams .

BeWeather application can be downloaded from the App Store for free, but some functionality will only be available after upgrading to Pro. In the paid version, besides the ability to add an unlimited number of locations , there are per-minute forecast , warning of hurricanes , storm warnings , displaying the current weather and the application icon on the lock screen notifications through .

Download BeWeather for iPhone and iPod touch from the App Store [Direct Link]

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