BlackBerry Bold 9790 Hits Indonesia on November 25th


Indonesia’s received a shockingly huge cell inhabitants, at an estimated 126 million customers in 2010. That dwarfs most European nations, together with the UK, so it could be why Analysis in Movement have chosen to unencumber the most recent BlackBerry in Indonesia first.


The new phone is called the BlackBerry Bold 9790, and takes over from the earlier BlackBerry Bold 9780. The handset comes with some decent specifications, including a 1 GHz single core processor and 8 GB of internal storage, expandable by an additional 32 GB via a micro-SD slot. The phone also features a 3.22” screen at 360 x 480 resolution atop BlackBerry’s famous QWERTY hardware keyboard. The OS is BlackBerry’s latest, version 7, so all in all it’s definitely one of their better phones – even if lacks the 9900’s dual core processor.

The phone will be sold in Indonesia for the equivalent of €380, which is about $510 or £325. There’s no word yet on wh
ether these figures will be reflected in the US or UK pricing when the phone goes worldwide, but either way we’ll soon see – November 25th is fast approaching, and Research in Motion aresure to bring out the new phone worldwide pretty shortly.

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