BlackBerry Bold 9900: release date August 31?


Once more, as with the tales of iPhone 5, you will have to take the next with a grain of salt. As you realize, RIMwill quickly launch a brand new cell, specifically the BlackBerry Bold 9900 . A nicesmartphone that combines the effectiveness of a physical keyboard and the convenience of a touch screen. Except that now, since nothing, we do not know when will this new mobile or even at what price it will be proposed. 

Finally, so far as the guys at TmoNews have managed to unearth information by exploring the site of T-Mobile. Yes, and if the rumor is true, then the BlackBerry Bold 9900 would go out on Aug. 31 … the United States, of course.


While the BlackBerry Bold 9900 does well on August 31 at T-Mobile, said that nothing will come out the same day with us. According to the document, companies can clearly benefit before anyone else, or around 17 August. On price, it might make a lot of people wince as the BlackBerry Bold 9900 would cost $ 299.99 with a 24-month subscription and it would cost $ 599.99 for the naked version . A nice sum, not to doubt it … Yep, in fact it stings a little, well …

According to the technical specifications, it will be recalled that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 will offer a 2.8 inch touch screen, a processor running at 1.2 Ghz, 768 MB RAM and a 5-megapixel sensor. It will carry the latest version of BlackBerry OS, or the 7 if I'm not mistaken, and it's a safe bet that he can not run because RIM BlackBerry OS 8 has a habit not to look after her old mobile when it launches a new version of its platform.

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