It's now not so just right with RIM BlackBerry producer maker RIM. The devices nonetheless promote to younger individuals, however in North The us, the market share dwindling. No longer simplest customers and buyers are turning far from the application maker but additionally builders. The criticism is much like what we all know from the Android camp hear fragmentation. In a Bloomberg article can be read that the fragmentation of the BlackBerry developer severely frustrates. As an example, the CEO of Mobile Roadie the floor, which already has stopped BlackBerry development.


Ultimately it felt like to develop our reputation for BlackBerry can do. We put tons of resources into something that users were not enthusiastic.

Seesmic's CEO recently made (and known Internet figure) Loic Le Meur announced that Seesmic Twitter client no longer on the BlackBerry will be offered. In an interview, said Le Meur, it is equivalent to the explosive growth of iPhone and Android. BlackBerry is not interesting anymore.The CEO of Purple Forge has given up:

Once a touchscreen RIM introduced and combined with a thumb wheel, and a keyboard shortcut, it was really difficult and expensive to develop for all devices.Where Apple scores well is that they have a touchscreen and a button, that's all.When installing Apple's applications are very few surprises. With Android, more and more surprises. But with his Blackberry a lot of problems immediately, across the board.

Purple Forge when an application was released a ratio of 20:1 between the number of Apple and BlackBerry downloads. This has perhaps also to the fact that Apple users are far more fanatical install apps, but it gives a signal. Reason enough to hope that Apple does iPhone mini and devices with different screen sizes, screen resolutions and operating methods will issue. RIM can still turn the tide, when they start their new 2012 QNX-based operating system will release.Which is running on the BlackBerry playbook and will be customized for BlackBerry smarthones

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