BlackBerry Messenger 6 is available … with lots of interesting features


Apparently BlackBerry Messenger is a fantastic tool and has already attracted millions of people around the world. If you're one of them, then know that the communication tool of RIM is now available in a new version, 6. A new version brings many new features that lets you take advantage of its functionality from third-party applications. Rather interesting, since it also means that you can stay connected to friends, family or colleagues constantly


Like a lot of people, you often hang out on your gaiters Foursquare. That's how the "check-in" has no secrets for you and you love to share different locations with your friends. But then, you would like to communicate with them at the same time via BlackBerry Messenger r 6 .The new risk to please, as it is now perfectly possible. The trump card of the new version of BlackBerry Messenger is that it can be easily integrated with applications developed by developers.

We can therefore take advantage of the features of the tool from Foursquare, of course, but also from Wikitude (a Wikipedia dedicated to tourism) and even for some games. Race Results,BlackBerry Messenger application is now more than dedicated to exchange between different people, it is a tool that allows you to cross to stay in touch with all your friends what you do.RIM did not stop there, of course, since the Canadian manufacturer also took the opportunity to change the profile so that BBM supports trophies, alerts and many more. Have not yet had the opportunity to test the application, I can not tell you more on the subject but you will find here,
all the explanations that go.

In all cases, the principle of a unified instant messaging is quite attractive. SMS and MMS had already taken the lead in the wing with the advent of email and the new tools are likely to finish them off. This is not bad, especially not when you consider the costs they may represent a package. Just hope that the competition is inspired by RIM and offers us the same thing as soon as possible. Examples include Google and his cat or his Huddle .

M'enfin if BlackBerry Messenger 6 passes on your BlackBerry better than mine and you want to share with us your feedback on the subject, do you really do without. And for others, here are some videos that are not cool, but first of all to help you understand better the principle of the thing.


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