The web page N4BB has obtained a document that would be the roadmap for RIM's software and services. Its authenticity could not be confirmed yet, but for several weeks, most of RIM's new 2011 have been revealed. If one believes this document, therefore, the BlackBerry OS 7 should show the tip of his code here end of the year .

Blackberry os 7

Around November, RIM should "integrate" BlackBerry OS 7: The term is vague enough so that we do not know if it's integration into finished products, or prototypes. The leaders of the firm of Waterloo has explained several times that the BlackBerry OS 7 does QNX, OS playbook for the tablet, until the moment the BlackBerry processors double-pass heart.

No luck: all devices that have yet leaked to the press are equipped with processors for single-output heart in spring and summer, even though the competition will be passed to the double-heart. An output of a BlackBerry OS 7 based on QNX end of the year is plausible: we can imagine that RIM launches its first device using a chip-standard double-heart, just as it was associated BlackBerry OS Release 6 and Release Torch.

The new OS may well be compatible with Android applications, as will be the BlackBerrt playbook. RIM seems to want to put a renewed focus on software and communication services, his heart craft.


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