BlackBerry requires cross-platform iMessage



Unexpected strategy BlackBerry plans to use on its platform. The company wants authorities to intervene, rather force Apple to cross-platform iMessage competing platforms. And all this should happen under the protection of net neutrality and the fight against discrimination.

Chapter BlackBerry John Chen in his blog on the official website of the company expressed his views about certain services whose use is limited within certain platforms. So, went to Apple and its iMessage. Chen considers it unfair that iPhone owners can install BBM from the App Store and use proprietary messenger BlackBerry. Apple, in turn, limited the iMessage own platforms, making it impossible to use the service on Android and other competing platforms.

John Chen walked and Netflix – service, which is also available to users BlackBerry. The head of the Canadian smartphone maker sure that there is some discrimination as iOS and Android users have access to more content than owners of devices BlackBerry. According to John Chen can be greatly simplified by discarding all superfluous. BlackBerry CEO angry because of the unpopularity of its own platform and, as a consequence of low interest services and their development in the production of relevant applications.

Thus, BlackBerry is not averse to enlist the support of the authorities in the fight for inaccessible services, equating the lack of certain applications to a violation of network neutrality. However, there is justifiable doubt that this approach will gain new BlackBerry users. Company to better focus on the development of its own software and devices.

It is also obvious that Apple would not open access to iMessage side of the platform, because it is a direct threat to sales of devices and one of the competitive advantages. Allegations of discrimination in the modern world can have serious consequences, but it seems not to be the case here

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