BlackBerry Smartphone Market Share Drops To 0%



There were many who rushed to preach the death of the iPhone since its launch, in fact, BlackBerry was “the boss” in this type of devices, presented a fairly stable operating system and nested applications, especially messaging, which Became very popular. In the first place, its target market were clearly the professionals, however, soon began to appear cheaper models that democratized and much access to them. However, everything turned in favor of the apple, and today, ten years later, BlackBerry is technically dead.

Officially the latest analysis of the company Gartner issue the BlackBerry death certificate, and is that the company has reached the quota of 0.0% in the market of smart mobile devices. We talked about the same company that almost eight years ago ruled the market with no less than 20% of the total, but it was quite ephemeral, everyone went from wishing a BlackBerry to drop it in the drawer while they were moving to Android (currently the leader Undisputed market) or iOS.

In fact, since the launch of the iPhone, BlackBerry continued to grow ostensibly in terms of market share for two more years, reaching maximum success in 2009 (19.9%), however, in just eight years has become In a ghost company, the second to stay behind due perhaps to his own ego, as would happen with the also defunct Nokia .


In short, BlackBerry is dead, and is just the prelude to another operating system that goes right behind, and is that Windows Mobile in its different variants now boasts 1.1% of the total, a figure the less residual if we have Account for 81.7% of Android or 17.9% of iOS. Goodbye BlackBerry, it was nice while it lasted.

(Source: Gartner Inc.)

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