BlackBerry Storm 3, ” Another Blackberry Touch Failure ?


This excessive-finish take a one Gigahertz processor to be mixed with a capability of eight gigabytes of inner storage. Up to now, no person is aware of precisely if is also elevated thru a slot for reminiscence playing cards.


Despite the complaints at the time gave the SurePress touch technology, RIM continues to invest in it. It is rumored to be memorable 512 Mb RAM but could extend to the gigabyte. The camera will be five megapixels.

One of the biggest changes of the BlackBerry Storm 3 is expected in the operating system. Because, although the most logical thing would be to incorporate the BlackBerry OS 6.0, RIM has decided to opt for a new system that would make competition to Symbian, Windows, Android and iOS. This is a new OS with a more intuitive interface and the ability to customize via widgets.

In addition, it also says that the Canadian company is in talks with Electronic Arts to include video games released for this smartphone. Among others, take a version of The Sims pre-installed in addition to offering in the World App. Thus, this mobile is located close to those interested in the iPhone 4, both professional and non-professional users.

By the time we talk about a possible solution to the sale of BlackBerry Storm March toward the fourth quarter of 2010 and its next version, the Storm 4, in early 2011. yet the price has been disclosed.

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