BlackBerry Z10 and Samsung Galaxy S III are constructed on an identical structures



BlackBerry Z10 was announced a few weeks ago, and some crafty companions had already disassemble it for parts. As it turned out, a similar configuration we’ve seen before. On this platform was built smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III . However, it is not surprising, because the Korean manufacturer has put a lot of accessories for BlackBerry Z10 .


Under the body of the new smartphone looked experts UBM TechInsights. On the motherboard, BlackBerry Z10 processor detected Snapdragon S4 Plus and several more on the micro Qualcommm. A rapid and permanent memory of the smartphone has made ​​the companySamsung . And, surprisingly, some solutions for the assembly are similar to those adopted by the Galaxy S III .

As specified by the experts UBM TechInsights, here used the same auxiliary microcomponents that are configured in the image of the flagship of Samsung . On the one hand, we can be happy, because it is very powerful Korean player. On the other hand, had previously been reported that some instances of Galaxy S III denied six months of labor for no obvious purpose. I want to imagine that the BlackBerry Z10 is probably not affected.

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