BlackBerry Z10 Elements Value Round $154



CNN Cash got here up with an estimated price of the Blackberry Z10 announced in January 2013.. Estimates were taken from the results of BlackBerry Z10 by UBM TechInsights to component display, processor, camera, up to memory and other components.

Z10 Screen estimated worth $26.50 while the processor is worth about $23.5. Front and rear camera is totally worth $15, while the 16GB of internal storage around $9. Other components include batteries, communication chips, and RAM is appraised for $ 21 dollars, plus the casing and other electronic components worth about $59. If the price of these components add up to $154.

In comparison, Blackberry Z10 have cost a little more expensive component of the iPhone 5, which is estimated to cost $139. Prices are more expensive is because the Z10 has a screen with a larger size and resolution, including additional RAM and battery capacity.[via Slashgear, Cellphone Enviornment]

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