Blackberry Z10 extremely Repairable, Says iFixit



Canadian company BlackBerry, more recently called the Research in Motion, or just RIM, announced in late January, the operating system BlackBerry 10 and the new touch screen phone Z10. A few days after the start of sales of the device, the hands of experts iFixit, dissects mobile devices, reached BlackBerry Z10.


iFixit have come to the conclusion that the new Canadian unit is very easy to repair, unlike many of its competitors. Experts assigned smartphone rating 8 out of 10 on a scale of convenience repair. As the authors of the study, BlackBerry Z10 can be easily disassembled into its individual components, which is rather uncommon for many of today’s smartphones. iPhone 5, for comparison, for the ease of disassembly awarded 7 points out of a possible 10.

To open the case of BlackBerry Z10, enough to press the latch on the perimeter, and to gain access to the motherboard unscrew a few screws. Also experts praised BlackBerry Z10 for having to disconnect the battery, which is not the iPhone 5 and HTC One. Easily removed and other components smartphone connected to the main board, including the camera. The design of the gadget uses standard screws.


Inside, the experts found on one side of the board flash memory MLC NAND 16GB Samsung KLMAG2GE4A with integrated controller, an RF power amplifier Avago ACPM-7051 module, NFC, audio codec Qualcomm WCD9310, accelerometer and gyroscope ST Microelectronics.


On the reverse facet are board RAM Samsung K3PE0E000A XG 2 GB, mixed with a processor Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon S4, energy controller Qualcomm PM8921, multiband transceiver Qualcomm RTR8600 – the identical used within the iPhone 5. Right here we discovered a wi-fi module Texas Contraptions WL1273L (802.11a/b/g/n, WLAN, Bluetooth and FM).

The draw back BlackBerry Z10, with regards to iFixit, is extremely-show, which is able to ruin even when the machine with a reasonably low altitude.

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