Blackra1n for iTunes 9.1 Jailbreak Fix is Available to Download


Jailbreak tools, like BlackBreeze guarantees to repair all considerations that you can be having with iTunes 9.1 and your iPhone, working on jailbroken iPhone three.1.2.


For these of you who don’t recognize, Apple modified the site of one of the DLL information within the newest iTunes 9.1 which avoided blackra1n RC3 to work properly with jailbroken iPhones on 3.1.2 firmware. By using Blackra1n for iTunes 9.1, you can fix this all with ease.

Simply download Blackra1n for iTunes 9.1 and install it. Now start iTunes 9.1 and this latest patched version of blackra1n that you just downloaded. Connect your iPhone with your PC and click on “make it ra1n” to start your device.

NOTE: This version of Blackra1n is for Windows only, with iPhone and iPod touch running iPhone 3.1.2 firmware.

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